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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Me, Bitter? Nah......

     This blog is intended to inform, educate, and find solutions to the problems we solo parents face.  There are countless articles like the one in the previous post, but who are we kidding? Do we really need magazines, mental health professionals, and everyone else who wants to analyze the consequences of being abandoned by a parent?  It's a big, fat NO!  We deal with it everyday.  Our heart breaks while watching our children deal with an adult issue and it is not right.  Plain and simple.

     What do we do?  The only thing we can do, go through the system.  Well, while the system is busy protecting the rights of non-law abiding citizens, our children go day after day without and in emotional pain.  Why should I have to sit at the county jail waiting to speak to a judge, explain I am owed, hope and pray the judge agrees and signs the warrant for a hearing........two to three weeks later, then I have to hope the letter they send doesn't get returned or pay $50 to try to get him served by a sheriff only to have him show up in court with the tiniest percentage owed and gets a pat on the back for paying anything..?????  Am I crazy or is ths insane?  Of course, you can go through the state and fill out tons of paperwork, practically sign your name in blood, and then let them try to collect, while taking a portion of what belongs to your children.?????  Again, am I just crazy or is this totally backwards?

     I try not to let it get me bitter, but it is like beating my head up against the wall.  Let's face it, our kids have no rights and neither do we.  What little bit we have gets stripped as we go through "the process".

     I'll tell you another thing, there's a difference between bitter and fed up.  Between the two I am just pissed off.  Unless that right has been taken away too.



  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog April:)

    I think we still have the right to be ticked off or pissed off... then we move on... somehow;)

  2. We can move on from our relationship with our ex. It is just heartbreaking for kids because they aren't supposed to have to do that.